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Cheraw High School

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Cheraw High School

Cheraw, SC

Cheraw High School
649 Chesterfield Highway
Cheraw, SC  29520
Phone: 843-921-1000
Chesterfield County

CarolinaSchoolHub Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Grades Served: 9-12
Enrollment: 681
Type: Regular School  
Cheraw High School

Cheraw High School

State Ranking

Statewide High School Ranking: Cheraw High School is ranked #150 out of 219 of the best high schools in South Carolina (32nd percentile). Click the link to see all 219 high schools.

Overall, Cheraw High School is a 3-star school (on a scale of 1 to 10 stars) based on CarolinaSchoolHub’s analysis of South Carolina Schools. The school is located in Chesterfield County, SC. Cheraw High School has an enrollment of approximately 681 students and serves grades 9-12. Below you’ll find information about this school’s test scores and more.
Graduation Rate
 21% - Cheraw High School
 19% - Median of South Carolina high schools
 21% - Cheraw High School
 19% - Median of South Carolina high schools

South Carolina Standardized Tests

Average ACT Scores

Subject Average Score at
This School
Average Score
This School's State
Percentile Rating
State Percentile
State Average of
All SC Schools
State Average
English 14.9 34th 17.3
Math 16.5 32nd 18.2
Reading 16.5 31st 18.6
Science 16.7 30th 18.5

The ACT, a college readiness assessment, was given to every South Carolina senior in 2018 with the exception of those eligible for alternate assessments. The ACT scores range from 0 to 36. State averages for ACT data are based on regular public schools and do not include private schools in the state. In the chart above, you can get a sense for how the average ACT scores at Cheraw High stack up against those of other high schools in South Carolina.

End-of-Course Tests

Subject Average Score at
This School
Average Score
State Average of
All SC Schools
State Average
English 1 65.1 74.4
Algebra 1 61.5 68.4
Biology 1 59.1 69.5

Average SAT Scores

Subject Average Score at
This School
Average Score
Reading 501
Math 478
Composite Score 979
SAT Participation Rate 39 %

Cheraw High had an average SAT score of 979 (math and reading combined). This means the school’s average SAT scores ranked #102 out of 216 SC high schools (53rd percentile). On this site, you can see the SAT scores of South Carolina high schools. The SAT participation rate at Cheraw High was 39% in our most recently available data. Above you can also see how the school’s ACT scores compare to other schools in South Carolina.


Poverty Rate at this School

 69% - This School
 67% - State Median (all schools)
 69% - This School
 67% - State Median (all schools)

SCPass data is based on the 2017-2018 school year from the South Carolina Department of Education. If you're looking for the school report card for Cheraw High School, then we can help. We've distilled much of Cheraw High School's school report card data for you to see on one page.

Rankings for schools were created independently by Carolina School Hub. The test data for this site was derived from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and South Carolina Department of Education.

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